Danny Herb

"Luke Masterson"

Danny Herb was born in Sacramento, CA, and began acting at age 7. He has an active interest in writing and performing music as he has been performing in rock bands starting at age 12, but acting takes front seat in his heart. In September 2006 He moved to Hollywood to pursue his career in film and started writing the script for Hardcore Hearts.

Samantha Sergeant

"Tye Morse"

Samantha became truly passionate for acting when she started her first studies in Shakespeare at the Sandy Roeser Studios in Red Bank, New Jersey. Since AMDA, she has earned recognition by the Society of American Fight Directors, and found work in commercials, stage, film, and on print.

Krisondra Diagneault

"Lacy Getka"

Born and raised in Orange County, California, Krisondra began her career as a model/actress at age 10, and has been scouted by such names as Elite, CESD, MTV2, Generations, and Future (Milan, Italy). She is represented by Kim Matuka.

Alexis DeLaRosa

"Sam Morton"

Alexis was born and raised in Washington Heights, in Manhattan, and began formal training at Wesleyan University's Center for the Arts, where he received his BA, performing in plays and student films before finally majoring in History. He currently lives in Los Angeles where he acts in Film and TV.

Franco Castan

"Pastor Scott Stevenson"

A graduate of the Professional Actors Studio, Franco is an award winning actor and filmmaker that began his career in Atlanta, GA starring in a series of national commercials before moving to Los Angeles in 2008. Franco is represented by Rod Baron.

Stephanie Ray

"Gabbie Leiberman"

Stephanie Ray, originally from North Carolina, spent her youth on stages up and down the east coast. Having appeared in many independent features, horror films and some television, Stephanie has also written, produced, directed and starred in a theater production, entitled "Prisoner", dedicated to raising support Lou Gehrig's Disease.

Juri Koll

Juri has produced or production managed features such as American Cowslip, The Truth About Kerry, NekroBeach, and That Game of Chess. He has produced and/or directed well over 30 shortfilms, both narrative fiction and documentaries. His films have been screened all over the world in over 70 festivals.

Matt Fore

Matt has won numerous awards at countless festivals across the nation, after which he found his niche in the visual style of film. Story is the number one priority to Fore when making visual decisions, and as such, he possesses an extremely keen grasp of both the artistic and technical side of digital and celluloid filmmaking and makes it a habit of weaving the two together into every frame.